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Monday August 14, 2017


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100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell - Estate Antiques


1949 Simple Simon's Mother Goose

a Magic Wand Book by Dyco Pub.

Patent Pending  Printed in USA

Simple Simon's Mother Goose Magical Picture Book with Magic Wand that Brings Characters and Verse to Life in Realistic Action!

20 Colorful Pages

Old Store Stock -  Please Click to Enlarge Images:

100tos1675: Simple Simon's Mother Goose Fairy Tales 1949 Magic Wand by Dyco Publishing


Johnny and Mary were fast asleep---, when suddenly---

100tos1675: Simple Simon pops out of Magic Wand Fairy Tale story book.


They awoke with a start. There before them, on the table, the Mother Goose book opened and out stepped Simple Simon. "Come with me to Mother Goose Land," said Simple Simon.

100tos1675: The children soar thru the air in the plane to get to this magical land.

The airplane soars into the air as the "Magic Wand" pulls down the wheel inside. Next page shows a projector with Mother Goose characters, then off to see "Hi diddle, diddle! The cat and the fiddle jump over the moon (via the Magic Wand). Next, Jack & Jill, Old Woman in a Shoe, Humpty Dumpty, Little Boy Blue looks under Flaps that Lift up for his Lost Sheep as does Bo Peep. Then it's off to the King's Castle to help Humpty Dumpty & journey to see the tale of The Crooked Man (MWand) & Five Little Piggies (MWand). Then Humpty Dumpty, Mary & Johnny at the Mother Goose House must leave to go back, but not before reciting the rest of the "Tales: Hickory Dickory, Jack be nimble, Little Jack Horner, Georgie Porgie, Little Miss Muffet, & Old Mother Hubbard."

Price $115.00 - shipping & Insurance Included USA; International Buyers must ask for shipping quote.

100tos1675: Simple Simon 1949 Mother Goose Magic Wand Book Item Name: 1949 Simple Simon's Mother Goose Magic Wand Dyco Pub.
Item Number: ChBk:1675
Price: $115.00


Scans do not do justice to Quality of these Magic Wand Books.
Condition Guaranteed! These ARE NOT Reproductions!

Also Available: Fairy Tale Magical Picture Book w/Magic Wand 

 Best Loved Stories of the Bible as Jesus Taught - both Dyco Magic Wand Books 1948 & 1949 in Mint Condition!

mailto: 100 TOS

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