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100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell - Estate Antiques


Estate item 1145  - 1960 to 1971 Aunt Jemima  or Mrs. Butterworth's
Syrup Bottles w/metal caps - only 8 bottles left.

Remember the wonderful amber brown glass syrup bottles shaped like the Aunt Jemima lady? She had a yellow metal cap, arms folded in front over a big apron with a big bow tied at the back. She came in three sizes: Large, Medium & Small and was a welcome guest at any breakfast table where waffles or pancakes rested steaming on plates waiting for that pat of butter and tasty maple flavored syrup. You can still buy those wonderful bottles, though empty, to display on the shelf in your kitchen. We have 13  8 dark amber bottles in the 3  2 sizes for you to choose. We will sell one or several and combine shipping. Thank you for reminiscing.....we fondly think on those days as well...the caps say 69 cents or 79 cents...!
Further History: The Davis Milling Company was renamed Aunt Jemima Mills in 1913.[7] The Quaker Oats Company bought the brand in 1926.[1]; In 1933, Quakers hired Anna Robinson to play Aunt Jemima as part of their promotion at the Chicago's World Fair in 1933. The Quaker first registered the Aunt Jemima trademark in 1937.[1]; "Jemima" character on 1899 cakewalk sheet music cover. The Aunt Jemima character received the Key to the City of Albion, Michigan on January 25, 1964. An actress portraying Jemima visited Albion many times for fundraisers.[8]; Quaker Oats introduced Aunt Jemima syrup in 1966. This was followed by Aunt Jemima Butter Lite syrup in 1985 and Butter Rich syrup in 1991

Just as the formula for the mix has changed several times over the years, so has the Aunt Jemima image been modified several times. In her most recent 1989 make-over, as she reached her 100th anniversary, the 1968 image was updated, with her kerchief removed to reveal a natural hairdo and pearl earrings. The logo much more resembled a modern homemaker than previous designs and carried far fewer racial connotations. This new look remains with the products to this day and the Aunt Jemima character was renamed Mrs. Butterworth's which was supposed to get rid of the racial connotations of an old south "mammy".
NOTE: Companies bought out each other and somehow the FIGURE - ie Figural Bottle - of syrup transferred to Quaker & Pinnacle Foods which preferred to call this black slave woman "Mrs. Butterworths" and made her a talking character for TV. We do not know which syrup this represents as we always thought it was Aunt Jemima because it looks like Aunt Jemima. We deem Mrs. Butterworths a "marketing character cleaned up to represent an updated black "mammy" without the connotation of calling her Aunt Jemima which represented an old slave lady. Either way - the bottles are clean, in excellent condition, have their original metal caps and are decorative.
 See Order Form or quote request below please.

The photos below of these old amber brown glass Aunt Jemima (or Mrs. Butterworth's as you may prefer) syrup bottles will enlarge when you click on them for a good view. The descriptions refer to the 3 sizes we have and the base marks on each bottle. These bottles are in excellent condition and all have their yellow metal caps with the white liner inside. And yes, there are 3 buttons on the front of the dresses (someone asked.) We notice that the one small 1960 bottle and one of the medium 1961 bottles have similar bases with no ridge marks plus the 1961 medium bottle as compared to the newer 1969 bottle has style differences in the face, arms, elbow & collar. We hope you enjoy looking at these bottles. We would love to have you purchase one or all of these wonderful examples of history. And speaking of history - why is the Aunt Jemima syrup (in plastic) now called Mrs. Butterworth's and the plastic Aunt Jemima syrup in a no figure bottle? Is it fair that dear old Aunt Jemima only has pancake mix with her picture today? Maybe we should be glad she still exists somewhere......

Old Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworths glass bottles - Front Old Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworths glass bottles - Back  

Item # 1145

13 9 AUNT JEMIMA Syrup 3 sizes
1960, 1963, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972.


Side view of old Aunt Jemima glass bottles Showing yellow metal cap inside next to top of old Aunt Jemima bottle  

2015 Only 8 Bottles left!

Base of Tall & Med have indented ridge near edge; embossed design on base (all) w/yr nbr & mold mark & Trademark. Condition excellent

1 LARGE 11" tall & 4" dia base Weight: 1 lb 17 oz (33oz) - Marks on Base:

SOLD #1145 A - 1972 = Base 5626 72 S 18 & TM; 69 cents on cap 12/13/2013

#1145 B - 1971 = Base 5626 71 S 7 & TM  w/Yellow metal cap 

SOLD #1145 C - 1971 = Base 5626 71 S 13 & TM - SOLD SOLD 1/31/2013

Trademark =  mTc in triangle shape  

$32.50 ea + ship

bottle weighs 33 oz before packing

7 Medium 10" tall 3 1/2" dia base weight 17 oz & base embossed design & TM:

#1145 D - 1969 = Base 4300 69 3 & TM

 #1145 E - 1961 = Base 4053 S 61 4 TM; polka dots 69 cent on cap

#1145 F - 1971 = Base 4300 71 S 47 TM

 #1145 G - 1963 = Base 4300 63 S 4 & TM

#1145 H - 1970 = Base 4300 70 S 11 & TM; 75 cents on cap

SOLD #1145 J - 1969 = Base 4300 69 S 3 & TM; 69 cents on cap

#1145 K - 1968 = Base 4300 68 S 13 & TM

SOLD #1145 L - 1969 = Base 4300 69 S 16 & TM; 75Cents on cap
NOTE: 1145J & L tog shipped for $10.50 Priority + Ins to Michigan USPS

#1145 N - 1970 = Base 4300 70 S 17 & TM; 69 cents on cap

$23.50 ea + Ship

bottle weighs 17 oz before packing

SOLD 1 Small 8" Tall - 2 3/4" dia. wt 11 oz, no indent on base. SOLD SOLD 01/31/2013

#1145 M - 1960 Embossed base = 4054 S 60 4 & TM:

Base of #1145 H Medium size 1970 Aunt Jemima old glass bottle shows orientation indent and base marks item #1145 C - 1971 Glass Aunt Jemima bottle base

item 1145 M shows base of small size Aunt Jemima 1960 bottle has no base orientation mark item 1145 M side view showing pinched orientation mark for this 1960 Aunt Jemima bottle

item 1145 E base marks on 1961 Aunt Jemima glass bottle - note no orientation indent. item 1145 polka dot metal cap marked 69 cents for 1960 Aunt Jemima glass bottle

comparing mold styles for items 1145 D and 1145 E - Aunt Jemima Bottles close-up comparing Aunt Jemima syrup bottles mold styles for 1961 and 1969

Showing 6 of the 13 available old glass Aunt Jemima syrup bottles with yellow metal caps.

Mrs. Butterworth's or Aunt Jemima? We will let you argue this while you consider purchasing these old bottles.
BTW - you can pull up the above history yourself on the internet. Some of it contradicts itself depending on whose website you are on. Companies that purchased the rights to this product decided what to release to the public. I really do not want to debate what this figure's name is but having grown up with this character, she will remain a friendly rendition of our history of the African American people who cooked and cleaned for us since the late 1600's and remained in our homes as hired help well past the 1960's. As for me, my parents insisted I learn how to do all the housework: cooking, cleaning, sewing, shopping, etc. so I would be a good homemaker and wife and I am pleased to say those skills have served me well no matter what the economy. Friends report this syrup really used to contain real butter - those were the days!

Please contact us by email if you wish to order any of these bottles. Many Thanks, 100tos - DAJ




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