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Wednesday April 04, 2018

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100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell - Estate Antiques


#0704, 0821, 0877 CANDLEWICK GLASS

Candlewick Glass by Imperial Glass, 42 pieces from my grandmother's collection who would have purchased these lovely dishes somewhere around 1940 maybe from the factory since she lived very near Belaire, Ohio and passed away around 1957. Candlewick  was made from 1937 to about 1950's and was considered a crystal treasure for those unable to afford expensive glassware and since it was sold in the 5 & dime stores, many were able to own these lovely dishes. All of this Candlewick is clear with balls or beads attached one by one around the edges of the glassware. If the balls or beads are joined, it is not Candlewick & was not made by Imperial Glassworks of Belaire, Ohio.

This box has now been packed away for 52 years to be opened in 2013.

At this point, we do not know the item numbers of this glassware that were assigned by Imperial so what you will see below is the list of items  - please click to enlarge photos below).

38 pieces of Candlewick Glassware circa 1940's
42 pieces of Candlewick Glassware circa 1940's Click to Enlarge
#0821 Candlewick - 7 serving pieces 1940's

#0821 Candlewick - 7 serving pieces 1940's

#0821 - Candlewick - 3 pieces #0821 - Candlewick - several pieces - 1940's
#0821 Candlewick - several pieces 1940's #0821- Candlewick - dishes, goblets, serving pieces - 1940's
#0821 - Candlewick cups, creamer & sugar, salt & pepper, dishes - 1940's. #0821 Candlewick - close-up of salt & pepper shakers w/plastic lids, & divided dish, 1940's.
100tos0821 Candlewick cups & goblets BELOW: Pair of non-matching Candlewick Candlesticks - click to enlarge photos.
0704-100tos-pair non-matching Candlewick Candlesticks 0704-100tos-pair non-matching Candlewick Candlesticks
0704-100tos-pair non-matching Candlewick Candlesticks - bases 100tos0704 Tops of Candlewick candlesticks
Nbr0877-215743-pr-candlewick-salt-peppers-metal-tops LEFT & BELOW: #0877-100tos-pair-candlewick-salt-peppers-metal-tops
Nbr0877-215745-pr-candlewick-salt-peppers-metal-tops Nbr0877-215744-pr-candlewick-salt-peppers-metal-tops

If you would like to purchase any of this Candlewick, let us know, Thanks! 100tos

Our Estate Item Number 0704, 0821, 0877, Overall Measurements include beads or balls (diameter).   We will entertain reasonable Offers for this set or pieces.

1 Oval Platter - 13 x 9 3/4"    
1 Round handled plate 10 1/4" dia    
6 Plates 8 1/2" dia round    
1 Plate w/handles 6 1/2" dia round    
6 Saucers 5 3/4" dia round    
6 Cups plain w/beaded handles 3" dia top    
1 Divided round dish w/handles 7 1/4" dia    
6 Cordials or wines shape is flute plain stemmed w/beaded base 5 1/4" tall, 2 1/2" dia top & 2 1/2" base. (2" tall stem connects to 3 1/4" goblet)    
1 small dish w/handles 5 3/4" - 1 1/4" deep, round    
1 Heart shaped dish abt 5" across & 2 1/4" deep (very cute)    
2 Round bowls w/handles 8 1/2" dia & 2" deep    
1 Oval dish 8 1/2" x 4 1/2" & 1 1/4" deep    
1 Serving bowl round 11" dia & 3" deep base 4" dia, 2 bigger balls on ea side serve as handles    
Pair Salt & Pepper shakers w/plastic screw tops 3" tall & 2 3/4" base - beads on base. see close-up pic above  
Pair 0877-pr-candlewick-salt-peppers-metal-tops    
Pair Footed Sugar & Creamer plain, only handles have beads: Sugar 4 1/4" tall & Creamer 4 3/4" tall ea w/3" dia base    creamer has slight crack on exterior not felt on interior  
2 #0704 Pr Candlesticks - do not match exactly  low size  
42 Total Candlewick Dishes Researching Prices

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