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Monday August 14, 2017


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100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell - Estate Antiques


Cosmetics: Used or collectible antique items

or related to cosmetics from estate of 1920's - 1970's.

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We will be offering for sale AS IS these cosmetic items:

Item2235: 6 Friendship's Garden  glass bottles w/green ceramic tops w/cork bottoms - still smell good! Plus Sachet Powder in Orig Box (no pic).
Item2235-Friendship's Garden 6 bottle set hobnail glass ceramic tops w-cork bottoms. Friendship's Garden sachet "Early American" showing neck label & top.
Item 2235 Friendship's Garden - top of sachet bottle 100tos2235: 5 small Friendship Garden hobnail bottles

Item 2235 Friendship's Garden neck of toilet water 5 oz bottle label.

4fl oz Toilet Water 5" tall, 1 1/2 oz sachet 3" tall; dark green ceramic caps w/cork bottoms, clear glass bottles w/hobnail tops & green leaves - wreath - surround; all have labels. Toilet Water has constricted flow inside neck to disperse contents.

Included 7 oz box Dusting Powder.

Item Name: Friendship's Garden 6 bottle set sachet & toilet water
Item Number: 2235-AB
Price: $39.50 free shipping


#1483 SOFTOL Cuticle Set
W. B. ASSOCIATES, NY (New York City)

100tos1483: SOFTOL Cuticle Set - box cover w/Illus.
Date estimated of 1940's

Item Name: SOFTOL Cuticle Set in Orig red box 1940's. Item Nbr: 100tos1483
Price: $36.50 + 5.60 ship USA

100tos1483: SOFTOL Cuticle Set - open box contents.

Softens, Shapes, Lubricates without cutting. Box Size:: 5.25 x 4 "; Instructions on use printed inside lid top of box. Glass bottle w/1.5 oz cuticle oil has a blue label.  Red topped applicator comes apart to fill w/the oil, replace the cuticle tool which lets the oil out slowly while you are working on the cuticle. Then replace the red top to seal. All parts accounted for. Cuticle tool is hard plastic. Bottle still sealed; bakelite black top on bottle. Box ex. cond.

No Date, no zipcode on address, estimate date of 1940's.


No Pic yet: Park & Tilford Face Powder, blue round 2.75 dia. paper box w/cameo ladies face on top filled w/loose powder "Texture of Youth" "Pink Lady", The Face Powder that has Everything - .42 oz. net., Park & Tilford, Distributor, N.Y., 485 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. - in mint condition & full. Asking $15.00 + FC shipping of $2.00 for this 1940's item.

Ivory color Polident plastic box w/measuring spoon that attaches inside the lid. Box has a raised flower on the top & is 3 7/8 x 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches. Lid is hinged. Sides have board design like wainscoting, base says: Pat. Pend., spoon has teardrop shape bowl & is marked 5 & Polident on handle. Item is in excellent cond. $ $6.00 + $3.00 shipping.

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