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Monday July 16, 2018

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Special Vintage Collectible Barbies

Celebration Barbie Special 2000 Edition
 2000 Celebration Barbie - go to page

1996  Barbie Holiday Homecoming - NRFB

Holiday Traditions Barbie - Go to page

1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie Doll - NRFB

Special Barbie: Yuletide Romance - Go to Page

1995 Barbie Doll as Eliza Doolittle™ in My Fair Lady™ - Evening gown - NRFB

1995 Barbie as Eliza Doolittle Evening Gown - go to page

Ideal No. 7621 Deluxe Musical Clown Doll 1950's in Orig. Red & Yellow decorated Circus-like Box w-instructions Musical Clown Doll in Orig Circus Box 1950's - go to page Hard Plastic doll 1950's - go to page #1602 Hard Plastic jointed about. 7 1-2" Baby Doll with Green knitted Dress 1950's


#1603 Ideal Magic Skin & Cloth Talker 1950 windup  2 PICS: Item 100tos1603   $125.00 + $10.00 shipping. 1603 - Ideal Magic Skin - Orig clothes with music box 1603 - Ideal Magic Skin doll showing music box Item Name: Ideal Magic Skin Lg Talker Doll 1950's
Item Number: Doll: 1603IdealTalker
Price: $105.00 USA ship 10.00


#1604 Composition & Cloth Large doll in original outfit from 1905 (100tos1604a) - 3 pics: $200.00 + $15.00 shipping.


#1604B Sister Doll from 1905 needs lots of help. We have put her in a sealed bag. If you are interested let us know.

1604-A - Doll - Composition & Cloth 1910 Orig clothes

100tos1604B: 1905 doll like 1604A but in bad shape.


1604 - A - Composition & cloth doll orig clother - 1910


1604B Price plus shipping USA $65.00

1604 A - Composition & cloth doll back shown - 1910 child size
#1605 Composition & Cloth doll small - Parian 1900- 2 Pics: (100tos1605)  $45.00 + $7.00 shipping. 1605 - very old Parian doll with cloth stuffed with sawdust 1605 - very old composition - cloth & parian doll - showing feet - view 2 Item Name: Parian & composition very old doll
Item Number: Doll: 1605ParianComp
Price: $45.00 + $7.00 ship and Ins


1606 Irwin 2 plastic babies in a blanket - (100tos1606) $5.00 + $2.00 ship  1606 - Irwin 2 plastic babies in a blanket Item Name: Irwin 2 celluloid babies in a blanket 1950's
Item Number: Doll: 1606Irwin baby
Price: $5.00 + $2.00 ship


1606 Irwin 2 celluloid babies in a pink blanket tiny
#1607 B,  Dollhouse sized plastic dolls from 1950 -  $7.50 ea

100tos1607  B,


1707 B ONE small plastic doll - dollhouse sized Middle Doll

Only Middle Doll Avail

B: lady moving arms 4 3/4"



Item Name: 1607 B Tiny Hard Plastic Doll Arms Move
Item Number: 1607 B
Price: $7.50 + 3.50 ship





#1608 Girl Rubber doll has jointed red blond hair on soft vinyl/plastic head, arms & legs move & kinda lock in place, will not stand - made to sit 8 1/2" T, nice dress. In good condition - rubber just fine. Pretty face. VGC

Item Name: #1608 Baby doll dressed 1960 jointed
Item Number: DOLL: 1608
Price: $7.00


$5.60 priority postage
#1612 old rubber doll front

#1612 old rubber doll back

#1612 old rubber doll head w/ rooted hair some missing

Doll is not yellow, camera problem.


#1612 mark A on rubber doll butt

#1612 Marks 82 & F-3 on back of old rubber doll

#1612 old rubber doll head w/ 43 mark on top of head


#1612 close-up of face of old rubber doll w/realistic eyes


Item Name: #1612 Rubber doll 12 1/2 in 1950's
Item Number: #1612
Price: $36.50 + 6.00 ship $1.65 ins

#1612 Old Rubber doll no joints vinyl head turns w/jointed matted dark brown stubby hair. Cute face, glass (or plastic eyes) discs stuck on do not move. Back on top of head has nbr 43; back of neck has a metal hole for air & nbr 82; back under hole has F-3. Body not hollow, is stuffed w/something that does not give much. 12 1/2" L, Body 2 1/2" W, Arms & Legs 4 1/2" :, Neck 1 5/8" wide. GC except for hair, we washed this doll.

PayPal, MO or USA Check or any credit card.

USA Shipping - inquire for International shipping.

#1613 Vinyl or plastic body doll w/moving head. Baby face w/molded hair w/top knot & curl on forehead. Painted eyes & brows & red lips. Body does not move, looks like a boy doll. Does not stand, no marks. 9 1/4" long x 2 1/4" wide, body 7 1/4", arms 3 1/2", legs 3 3/4". Has tiny hole in crotch to let air out.

#1613 old rubber doll w/baby face & molded hair

#1613 back of old rubber doll w/painted face only head moves

#1613 close-up of baby face of old rubber doll

Doll in good condition.
Knees slightly bent so does not stand.


Item Name: #1613 Vinyl old doll 9 1/4 in Long 1950's
Item Number: #1613
Price: $25.00 + $6.00 ship + $1.65 ins

#1614 Big headed small doll w/lots of curly brown rooted hair w/bow on top. Vinyl head arms & legs move. Flirty eyes & painted face, will stand up, orig. pink cotton dress w/nylon panties. Japan on foot bottom. 7 1/2" tall, 2" wide body. This doll and her dress have been washed.


#1614 back of small big headed doll

#1614 back of doll 7 1/2" tall, 2" wide body; lotta hair! Japan on foot bottom, will stand or sit; orig. dress & bow in hair & underwear.

#1614 sitting small big headed doll w/brown hair flirty eyes & orig pink dress

#1614 shown in sitting position

#1614 small big headed troll type doll w/lots of brown hair

Item Name: #1614 all vinyl small doll w lots of hair 1960's
Item Number: #1614
Price: $18.00 Free ship USA

1610 Raggedy Ann homemade all cloth doll - old 16 1/2" #1610 Raggedy Ann Cloth Doll 16 1/2" tall, arm to arm 13". Embroidered eyebrows are black, eyes black & brown, nose reddish brown, mouth red. Dark brown yarn hair attached two rows only & pink ribbon in hair. In original slip with pink ribbon tied at waist. Feet look like feet. This doll needs a bath but I did not want to as it has unknown stuffing - feel free to clean her up yourself. Handmade doll. Item Name: #1610 Handmade Raggedy Ann Doll 16 1/2 inches
Item Number: DOLL: #1610 Price: $25.00 + 6.50 USA ship

1611A Cloth Pink Body Doll 15 1/2", Yellow tight Yarn Cornrow type hair, painted face, needs cleaning. Doll is on Left in picture.

1611 A Doll: all cloth, yellow yarn hair, painted face.

Doll on left

Item Name: 1611 A Pink cloth body doll 15 1/2" yellow cornrow hair painted face 1950's
Item Number: DOLL: 1611A
Price: $22.50


USA Shipping $6.00

1611 B Cloth Pink Body Doll 16" w/Painted Face, no hair, fat short arms, Orig. undergarment, Needs a Bath, GC - doll is on right in picture.

1611 B Doll: all cloth 16" tall w/painted face has no hair orig garment

Doll on right

Item Name: 1611 B Pink cloth body doll 16" painted face no hair w-dress
Item Number: DOLL: 1611B
Price: $22.50


Shipping $6.00





BARBIE DOLL HANDMADE BRIDAL & Evening Clothes  all priced.

We DO NOT make any doll clothes.



Renwal, Marx, Best, Ideal 1950's Dollhouse Furniture 

Renwal Reference Book & Price Guide - Click Here

We recommend this Reference & Price Guide on Renwal Toys!



Child's Luncheon - Tea Set '50's Child size 24 pc tea or luncheon ste 1950's perfect condition made in Japan - high glaze. 24 piece set from 1950's - embossed solid pink color - excellent condition. To buy go to link on left



4 large sized bound broad stripe:

1624-4 Large doll furniture rugs circa 1950's

1624-Backs of 4 Large doll furniture rugs circa 1950's

Backs of Doll Furn Rugs

BUY 1 Red Stripe Item Name: Lg Doll rug upper left image red stripe - Item Number: 1624: RugRed Price: $4.00


$1.00 Shipping
BUY 1 Gold Stripe Item Name: Lg Doll rug upper Right image Gold stripe - Item Number: 1624: RugGoldStripe
Price: $4.00


$1.00 shipping
BUY 1 Green Stripe Item Name: Lg Doll rug Lower left image Green stripe - Item Number: 1624: RugGreenStripe
Price: $4.00


$1.00 shipping
BUY 1 Brown Stripe Item Name: Lg Doll rug lower right image Brown stripe - Item Number: 1624: RugBrnStripe
Price: $4.00


$1.00 shipping
BUY ALL 4 Item Name: Lg Doll rugs Buy All 4 - Item Number: 1624: RugsAll4
Price: $13.50


$1.20 shipping




Jack & Jill Magazines - many have paper dolls inside uncut.

Girl Cardboard Paper doll with Black attached HAIR & clothes - will stand up. no pic yet

Questions: 100 TOS

Up Dolls & Related Doll Furniture Doll Clothes Doll Ideal Clown Doll Hard Plastic PLUSH BEARS Collector Barbies