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We do not buy anything nor appraise your items.
Hours: 10:30 am to 7 pm Mon. - Sat.
Lots of items not listed yet. Email or call us - we
may have your antique: 804-746-3949
We deliver locally w/cash payment.
We Sell & Ship WorldWide using USPS & FedEx.
We accept Cash, Checks, PayPal & Credit Cards.

We hope you find your "Treasure" here.

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Monday December 25, 2017

Estate of Antiques Dealer

Estate Antiques: Glass, China, Pottery, Furniture, Perfume & Old Glass Bottles, Paper/Ephemera, Pharmacy/Apothecary, Books, Magazines, Kitchen, Textiles, Jewelry, Seasonal, Dolls & Doll Furniture, Toys, Seasonal Holiday, much more!


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Children's Books
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Dolls & Related

Knick Knacks
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100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell - Estate Antiques


NEWS from Hanover County, VA

March 13, 2017: We have done a complete redo of our 100tonsofstuff website. Every item and photo now has a Master Number. More items have been added and most are priced to Buy Now, some with Free Shipping USA. Some require your inquiry if item weight is heavy. We ship by weight so you will need to send us your zipcode. Most items will ship by USPS or FedEx. We know that FedEx has raised some of the rates to accommodate Fuel Surcharges, SO, we will check on the latest rates and let you know by email. We have Search on our site - just put in the name of the item you are trying to find. This box is not for trying to start a conversation - we have email for that.

Our Customer Feedback page is still being used for the customer return after payment. If you want to leave feedback, please use: Leave FBak   page.  You will also be included in tracking whichever service we use so you will know when your item will arrive. We also leave a comment to describe the box, box color, weight & size.

International Buyers: We post Buy Now USA Ship so if you wish to Buy an item from our site, we will need to get your address and send you a quote for shipping to your country. We also require you to pay us using PayPal (your PayPal account or your credit card through PayPal). Depending on currency values and PayPal charges, we may add an additional small charge. We also will accept US dollar currency securely mailed. We will not accept Canada Money Orders - my bank charges me $5.00 to deposit them. We have successfully sold & shipped items overseas for years & are familiar with customs requirements.

All of our items are from an estate & are not new by any means. We take good photos and describe to the best of our ability using many research tools from online and from books my parents bought to research items. If you require a larger photo than what is on the web - just ask.

Thank you for your interest. We are currently working on our inventory matching photos to item numbers, adding information (research) and plan to make your choices easier by providing enough information on the item you are considering.

We put up our original website on a personal email server in 1998 then finally purchased a real domain in 2000. Every year we have added items from my parents estate. We have sold lots of items from this site and some from eBay. We prefer to sell directly from our own website and leave the middleman out of it. This is good for you as we can price things a little lower. This is an Estate Sale Online - 1 Estate - we did not nor do we buy anything - therefore there are No Taxes.

Last but not least: to those of you that "take without permission" the photos from this website: all the old photos are gone from the server. All the photos now up have Master Numbers embedded into the image. All photos/images are Copyright Protected. We can track our images so we will know who took them for their website, blog or just for an illustration. We WILL contact you and ask you to remove them (or we will contact the administrator of the website they are on). Just because an image is on a website that is for public view does not mean it is free to use or is public property. Copyright belongs to the photographer immediately after taking the photograph. That applies to all the photos you take with your camera or cell phone & put up on a social network (hint read the fine print on posting photos & how they can use them).

When we have additional News, we will post it here. Blessings, Dianne / 100tos

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We have more items than are listed on this site. Let us know what you are looking for: Wants

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