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Wednesday April 04, 2018

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100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell - Estate Antiques


PERFUME - SCENT BOTTLES Circa 1930's 1940's

Old Glass Perfume Bottles Commercially Made or Hand Blown

French and American Commercial Perfumes: Rene Lalique TZIGANE Corday Paris, Danger Ciro Paris,   Mary Chess 5 pointed star, BELLODGIA Caron, Paris France, GARDENIA SAUVAGE CIRO, AVON.

Antique Trader Perfume Bottles Price Guide by Krause Publications

Perfume Bottles 3 - R. Lalique TZIGANE Corday Paris embossed  6 7/8" signed & numbered.


Tallest item 6 7/8" - Base numbered & signed R. Lalique. Embossed words on side & base. Weight 12 oz. This is the oldest bottle circa 1937-38 - the one you see in the old or first ads for Tzigane.

#1392 very tiny chip on stopper zig zag in 2 places. Stopper is numbered to match base. We guarantee the condition of this perfume bottle.

Item Name: 6 7/8" TZIGANE Corday R.Lalique nbrd signed
Item Number: GlassPerfume1392
Price: $795.00


R. Lalique TZIGANE Corday embossed 5 3/4"

Lalique Corday TZIGANE

Middle item 5 3/4" Embossed. Weight 5.2 oz

# 1393 slight wear on sharp edges top

Item Name: 5 3/4"" TZIGANE Corday embossed
Item Number: GlassPerfume1393
Price: $525.00

Corday Bottles,
Shipping Included!

Item Name: 1392-1393-1394
TZIGANE Lalique 3 perfume bottles
Item Number: 1392-93-94
Price: $1650.00 ship & Insur. Incl


# 1394 very tiny ding on stopper.

Smaller item has red label 4 1/2" tall

# 1394 weight 3.2 oz

Item Name: 4 1/2" TZIGANE Corday Paris paper label
Item Number: GlassPerfume1394
Price: $425.00


R. Lalique TZIGANE closeups of 3 tops or 3 bottles 2 embossed 1 w/red label

R. Lalique TZIGANE closeups of 3 bottles bottom half 2 embossed 1 w/red label.


#1392 actual weight 12 oz; #1393 actual weight 5.2 oz; # 1394 actual weight 3.2 oz.

#1395 - Perfume Bottle: DANGER CIRO Baccarat 4" tall made in France 2 2/3 fl oz.

#1395 - DANGER CIRO Baccarat

# 1395 Danger Ciro Paris 4" tall

Black Glass top w/name & inner cork over clear Glass Stoppered artfully designed bottle; actual weight 12.7 oz. Bottom & stopper top are etch numbered 48. Base has Baccarat circular logo w/goblet, wine bottle, glass; also boxed area w/"Bottle Made in France". Side sticker reads "Contents Made in France Net 2 2/3 Fl. Oz" No Defects bottle, inside stopper top has chip.

Item Name: 4" CIRO DANGER Baccarat Nbrd bottle; Item Number: 1395
Price: $595.00 + ship & Insur. Incl


#1399 - Heavy square-rectangle cut glass perfume w/atomizer - glass & metal.

French - MAKER?

Item # 1399 - heavy glass perfume atomizer bottle, bag broken, not signed, ID needed. Actual weight 2.6 oz.

Item Name: 1399 Heavy Square Glass Perfume w/Atomizer
Item Number: 1399
Price: $525.00 + ship & Ins.Incl

#1400 - Mary Chess 5 pointed star shaped perfume bottle w/teardrop stopper circa 1930 - tall.

#1400 - STAR SHAPED - Mary Chess
 perfume bottle 7 7/8" tall w/original
 glass teardrop stopper

# 1400 Mary Chess 5 pointed star shaped perfume bottle 7 7/8" tall; with teardrop stopper circa 1930. Contained Tapestry or White Lilac Toilet Water. Citrus smell inside. Actual weight 8.7 oz. There is a defect on the side of the stopper near the bottom of the ball - no other defects. Base has circular depressed area where label would have been - No label. Very pretty perfume bottle with original stopper.

Item Name: Mary Chess 7 7/8" Tall 5 pt Star Bottle w/Teardrop Stopper
Item Number:1400
Price: $135.00 + Ship & Ins Incl.


# 1396 BELLODGIA Caron, Paris France

1396 BELLODGIA Caron, Paris France perfume bottle

# 1396: Pink & gold label, lovely sculptured stopper, 2 1/2" tall, base 2 3/4" x 1", base has white paper label in a depression: "Net Contents 1.161 oz CARON CORP. NY Importer." Actual weight 1/9 oz, Circa 1935

Item Name: 1396 BELLODGIA Caron, Paris France perfume bottle
Item Number: 1396
Price: $67.50 + Ship & Insur Incl


1397 GARDENIA SAUVAGE CIRO 1930's perfume bottle

# 1397 GARDENIA SAUVAGE CIRO, 2 7/8" tall w/glass stopper. Label is small square blue with white letters. Base marked: "CIRO 20gg 20cc cc9 cc France". Base 1" square (bottle is a tall rectangle). Actual weight 1.2 oz.

perfume bottle
Item Number: 1397
Price: $55.00 + Ship & Insur Incl.

#1396 Bellodgia Caron France & #1397Gardenia Sauvage Ciro Perfume bottles 1930's

Left #1396 Bellodgia Caron France &

and Right # 1397Gardenia Sauvage Ciro.

#1365 - AVON: Hibiscus blossom #13 Regence Green Tag Flower shape w/gold tone top.

Item Name: 1365 AVON Glass Perfume Bottle flower w/goldtone top
Item Number: 1365
Price: $25.00 - free shipping

AVON Demi Cologne Patchwork & Cologne Somewhere - 2 bottles 3 & 4 inches tall.

More bottles to come!

Some very tiny...


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