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Antique Links

100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell
LINKS to ANTIQUES Websites and Research Resources
This page provided by is a Resource for our many visitors who are researching their own antiques and collectibles. We use these Resources ourselves in our research to determine identity and price. Not mentioned below but a highly valuable Resource is your own Public Library where you can find many books on antiques, price guides, dictionaries of  pottery & porcelain marks, history with photographs of American and  European pottery or furniture makers, newer collectibles and their values. We wish all of you well in your research and hope you will also check out the links of Antiques Dealers listed below.
100 Tons Of Stuff To Sell does NOT do appraisals, does NOT Buy anything.

TIAS.COM - research items, appraisals & lots of dealers, weekly newsletter.

We did not check out the following list of links - we hope you will.

Aladdin Kerosene Lamps    Aladdin Lamps: Aladdin Knights

International Society of Appraisers    ArtNet

AskArt - Artists' Bluebook   Artist Signature Search
Zangobob's Blow Torch Heaven

Antique Boxes

Biddington’s  "Pedigree & Provenance" (art terms and definitions), transcripts of expert and collector interviews, tips for "restoring and conserving art and fine objects".
Brass National Cash Registers
Care & Preservation of Historical Brass and Bronze
Chubb’s Antiques Roadshow Resources, glossary, tips of the trade.
Collector's Guide to Civil War Antiques

Cleaning Tips & Stain Removal

Antique Clock Price Guide
Conservation & Restoration Supplies
Costumes through History
Identifying Original Currier & Ives Prints
Cycleback "Print and photograph examination and research" (including trading cards). Articles on identification, dating, detecting forgeries, etc.
R.E. Dietz Compendium

Edged Weapons Resource Page

Fraternal Organizations
Furniture Glossary

Furniture Timeline

Horology Web Site
Hummel Collectors' Reference

Hummel Figurines & Collectibles
Identifying Hood Ornaments

Image Maps of Printmaking Techniques

"Is it Ivory?" Checklist

Ivory: Is it Fake?  Ivory Restoration

Knives and Cutlery Information

Marks on Chinese Porcelain

List of Military Orders and Decorations Links
Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors' Association
The Original Hobo Nickel Society Newsletter (BoTales), history, links.
United States Patent Dates

US Patent & Trademark Database
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Piano World

Pocket and Wristwatches Info
What is a Print?

Antique & Vintage Radios

Dating English Registry Marks
Antique & Collectors Reproduction News Monthly newsletter dealing with fakes, reproductions and the tools and test to detect them.  Website has nicely illustrated explanations of black lights, loupes (magnifiers), more

International Society of Antique Scale Collectors

International Sewing Machine Collectors Society

Souvenir Spoons Museum

Stain Removal Chart

Stein Collectors International

German Beer Stein Translations

Antique Stoves & Ranges

Thimbles and Sewing Accessories

Antique Tools    

Wooden Nickels

Vacuum Cleaners Collectors' Club
RESEARCH LINKS: Ephemera & Memorabilia
Food Collectibles
Barnum’s Animal Crackers at NabiscoWorld  History, facts, games.
The Condiment Packet Museum  Everything you were afraid to know about those little packets of ketchup, mayo, and relish you can pick up at almost any restaurant.
Food History Timeline Timeline of 19th and 20th Century Foodstuffs.
Ian’s Macaroni-and-Cheese Box Collection
Illustrated. Who knew there was anything other that Kraft?
Wheaties Cereal Boxes
Wheaties checklists. No longer active site, but information still relevant to all food collectibles.
Hotel Labels Index to Hotel Labels
Joao-Manuel Mimoso’s illustrated pages on hotel labels. History, fakes, dating, more.
Maps Map History
Part of the WWW "Virtual Library", with links to thousands of relevant sites: dealers, fairs, auctions, articles, collections, societies, etc.

Movie Memorabilia
Terrific section on authentication, with side-by-side pictures of originals and reprints/fakes.
Searchable price reports, 10-point grading scale, Star Wars movie poster guide to authentication, forum.
Learn About Movie Posters
Everything from A to Z: history, condition and grading, care and preservation, artists, NSS numbers list, and a whole lot more!
The Nostalgia Factory
Website by the authors of "Miller’s Movie Collectibles". Information on poster sizes (U.S. and foreign), grading (condition), formats, more. List of 100 highest-priced posters.
Saturday Matinee
History of movie posters, glossary of terms, glossary of condition.
Produce Labels/Seals/Stickers  
Produce Marketing Association
Descriptions of the UPC and PLU code systems.
Tony's Bananas
Impressively comprehensive site: everything about banana stickers from market to album. For example, "Care" has great tips on flattening, removing stains, storing, etc.!

The Enoch Pratt Free Library
Quite helpful resource for researching old certificates. Pictures and descriptions of hundreds of certificates.
Stock Search International, Inc. Online gallery, tips on collecting and care, free appraisals.
Trading Stamps
S&H Greenpoints
The electronic reincarnation of S&H trading stamps. History; how to redeem the old stamps for "points", good for new merchandise.
The electronic reincarnation of Gold Bond and Top Value trading stamps. (To redeem the old stamps for "points", good for new merchandise, contact Customer Service.) Collector Harry Rinker has posted a list of wanted items, including trading stamp catalogs.
Bohemian art glass-art deco glass-czech art glass
Bohemian  art glass, Czech art deco glass and hand blown glass art pieces. Glass  buttons and jeweled filigree perfume bottles. We have a variety of  Vintage Antiques and New creations of Original Czech Art Glass using the  old molds. We have an Antiques Resource Links Page. We accept PayPal,  sell Online & on eBay.
American Brilliant Cut American Cut Glass Association

Anchor Hocking Glass The History of Anchor Hocking

Animal Covered Dishes  Glass Hen on Nest Glass Hen on Nest/Covered Animal Dishes

Art Glass Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass

Rueven Art Glass     Ysart Glass

Mother of Pearl Identification of MOP Glass Patterns

Black Glass  Black Glass Patterns

Blenko   Blenko Glass Company Bottles  Antique Bottle Collectors Haven

Decanter Collectors Site

Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors

Bottle Markings
National Cambridge Glass Collectors

Carnival Glass The Contemporary Carnival Glass Website

Thistlewood Carnival Glass Site

Carnival Glass Tumblers Around the World

David Doty's Carnival Glass Web Site

Cloud Glass The Cloud Glass Reference Site

Consolidated Glass Ruba Rombic: an "Epic in Modern Art"

Corning Ware Corelle patterns & Corning Museum of Glass

Crinkle Glass  Crinkle and Wrinkled Glass

Custard Glass  Custard Glass Collectors Society

Czechoslovakian Glass Czech THIS!

Depression Glass Depression  Glass Patterns

National Depression Glass Association

Early American Pattern Glass EAPGlass     EAPG Society

Elegant Glass of the Depression Era MediaSpecialties Westmoreland Gallery

Factories & Manufacturer's Sites Boyd's Glass
Fenton: The Wrisley Story - The Early History of Fenton Hobnail

The Official Website of Lalique/North America

L.E. Smith Glass Co.

Northwood Art Glass Co.

W. Virginia Glass Factories

Fairy Lamps  Fairy Lamp Club & Newsletter

The Fairy Lamps of Samuel Clarke Revised Wholesale Price List September 1888

Fenton Official Site of Fenton Art Glass

Fenton Fanatics

Fire King

Greentown Greentown Glass Company

Hazel Atlas  Hazel Atlas Glass at Replacements, Ltd

Imperial Glass Candlewick Stemware Reference Pages
National Imperial Glass Collectors' Society

Indiana Glass Tiara Exclusives Informational Website

Loetz Glass

Loetz, Czech and Bohemian Glass

Marks on Glass  Dictionary of Glass Marks

British Glass After the War

Common Bottle Marks

Milk Glass The National Milk Glass Collectors Society

Moser The Glass of Kings: Moser Glassware

Museums Glass Collections in Museums in the United States & Canada

Corning Museum of Glass

Duncan & Miller Glass Museum

National Heisey Glass Museum

W. Virginia Museum of American Glass

Wheaton Village Museum of American Glass

Neodymium Glass "Neo-Whatsis Glass?" by Judith Van Buskirk-Gugugan

Promotional Glassware The Equillector
"A guide for collectors of horse racing memorabilia." Has comprehensive section devoted to souvenir glassware.
Articles and photos. Checklist of all 28 jelly-glass series released by Welch's between 1953 and 2002.

Promotional Glass Collectors Association
Database of over 8,320 glasses with 9,700 corresponding photos.

Superman Collection of Superman jelly glasses.

The Pyrex Files

Reamers National Reamer Collectors Association

Ruby Stained Glass Ruby Stain Museum

Rueven Glass Rueven Art Glass

Sandwich Glass Sandwich Glass and Sandwich Pattern Glassware

Stemware Stemware Piece Type Guide from Replacements Ltd

Stretch Glass The Stretch Glass Society

Tiffin Glass Tiffin Glass Collector's Club

Undocumented & Underdocumented Patterns Those Other Patterns...

Vallerysthal Portieux Vallerysthal Portieux (requires Adobe Acrobat software to view)

Vaseline Glass Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc.

Westmoreland Glass Westmoreland Glass Clubs

Whitefriars Glass

Wright, L. G. L. G. Wright Museum

Glass Books
Book recommendations written by online auction buyers and sellers

Just Glass Mall
"Online community created for glass enthusiasts around the globe." Dealer shops. Helpful for identifying pieces.

Sparkle Plenty Glassware
Online glass store with over 4000 pictures. Also has separate section devoted to Fire-King.

Those Other Patterns
Undocumented and under-documented glass patterns. "Online resource for the numerous glass patterns that aren't listed in most reference books."
Collector Clubs National American Glass Club

National Cambridge Glass Collectors

National Imperial Glass Collectors' Society
RESEARCH LINKS: Porcelain, Pottery & China
Abingdon Pottery

Animal Figurines Gallery Index

Antique Pottery and Ceramic Directory  
Belleek, Irish Porcelain

Clarice Cliff Collectors Club

Cowan Pottery Museum

Delft Porcelain

East Liverpool Potteries

Enesco Home Page


Fiesta Online

MediumGreen Fiesta

Flores Arts & Antiques Porcelain Marks Reference

Franciscan Collectors Site

Frankoma Pottery Page

Frankoma Pottery

Hall China Collectors Page

Haviland Online  Lots of information on Backmarks, pattern identification, history and more!

World of Hall Teapots

Howard Holt  Pixie Ware

Homer Laughlin China Company

Homer Laughlin China Replacements
PotteryNut’s Hull Website
Guide to identifying reproductions and fakes

Lenox Collections


Maling Collectors' Society

McCoy Pottery On-Line
McCoy Pottery Online Illustrated list of McCoy cookie jars from 1930's to present

McCoy NMXpress  "For, by, and about McCoy lovers everywhere." Appears site has not been updated in some time, but informative section on reproductions with nice side-by-side photos of originals and copies


Official Moorcroft Pottery Site

Muncie Pottery

Nemadji Pottery Collectors Club

TableTops Etc. Pattern Matching

Intl.Nippon Porcelain Collectors' Club

Ohio River  Identification guide to American dinnerware makers, shapes and
patterns. Over 2700 images.

I Love Pfaltzgraff Folk Art

Pfaltzgraff Pottery Patterns

Pickard China

Poole Pottery Online

Piggy Bank Info Exchange

Porcelain Marks

Pottery Companies and Trademarks
Red Wing Collectors Society

Replacements Ltd.

The Roseville Exchange
Dedicated to identifying fake and reproduction Roseville pottery. LOTS of great comparison photos and descriptions.

Royal Albert China

Royal Doulton

Shop 4 Antiques Reference Site

The Showcase
Extensive list of glass and pottery links

The Spode Museum

Tracys Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vernon Kilns Pottery Info Site:

Huggybear’s Wade Whimsies Website  Most comprehensive site devoted to Wade miniatures. Huggybear's has hundreds of pictures arranged both alphabetically and by series for easy identification of your "find." The site also hosts a detailed bibliography, a list of Wade retail shops, a Wade collectors club, links, etc.

Wade Ceramics Ltd Official company website

Whimsical Wades  Extensive list of Wade modelers and their creations

Wade and Whimsies Collectibles  Well-written history of Wade potteries and the miniatures

Watt Pottery

Wedgwood Pottery Site

Cookie Jars Cookie Jar  Articles, boards, shows.
Cookie Jar Matchmaker
The Cookie Jar.Net  Newsletter, show/auction calendar.
McCoy Pottery Online Illustrated list of McCoy cookie jars from 1930's to present

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