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#0269 Ice Cream Dipper

100tos#0269  H013   METAL BRASS     NICKEL-plated ICE CREAM DIPPER
1928   11"Lx 2.75"dia DIPPER Ice Cream (Scoop "Quick-n-Easy" #8 round bowl. Manual Lever.wood handle w.12oz , Weight:_w.12oz   Size: 11"Lx 2.75"dia #8bowl.
#0269. One “Quick n Easy” ice cream scoop, correct name is 'DIPPER'.  ICECREAM PARLOR KIND made of heavy nickel-plated brass. with wood handle. "Soda Fountain Collectibles".  Erie Specialty Company, Erie, Pennsylvania. 1902 to present. making numerous items but changed product line in 1928 and dropped Soda Fountain Specialities line (dating this dipper as between 1902 & 1928). Scoop Ice Cream
HISTORY: KOVELS answer to a query: "The Erie Specialty Company was organized on 8 January 1902, in Erie, Pennsylvania. Originally the company manufactured "... hardware, kitchen, hotel, bar, and druggist sundries, metal advertisements and soda fountain specialties."  Your ice cream scoop was produced by the Erie Specialty company, which was in business between 1902 and 1928. One of the items they specialized in was soda-fountain accessories. Ice cream scoops were produced in many different sizes and styles. I have seen scoops that were heart-shaped, as well as ones that were designed for ice cream sandwiches.  Ice cream scoops were designed for commercial use and were very well made; consequentially most survived and there are many still around today."
100tos#0269.“Quick n Easy” ice cream scoop'DIPPER'Manual Lever made of heavy nickel-plated brass with wood handle.Erie Specialty Company,Erie, Pennsylvania. 1902 to 1928 for this item.Weight:12oz Size: 11"L x 2.75"dia #8 bowl.
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