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#1101 Glass bottle Motor Oil Dover and metal filler

100tos#1101 GLASS BLOW CLEAR EMBOSED  AUTOMOTIVE to Measure MOTOR OIL w/metal filler.
BOTTLE MOTOR OIL 14.5oah ."Dover Stamping and Manufacturing". ca1907.w26oz Wt= w26oz      Size=4"diaX14.5"oah.       Dp=
#1101.One heavly-embosed clear glass OIL BOTTLE, "The D&S Manufacturing Company".  On the face of the side "ONE QUART LIQUID". Says "Quality Ware No 80, Dover Cambridge, Massachusetts  Dover Stamping and Manufacturing Company". around the top "Fill To Line" and  "Pennsylvania Serial # S?13",  "North Carolina Approved Type DS #1",  "Massachusetts 018"(Seal), and "Minnesota 58" in a triangle.  This is an automobile motor oil container and it still has the ORIGINAL screw-on funnel top, still had some oil in it too. There is tiny lettering on screw-top funnel not visible till cork ring and screen filter (in good shape) removed to wash bottle, says "PAT. 844-233  DOVER  N0.80   TO BE USED WITH  DOVER MASS OIB SEAL."  Bottle body has Inverted Thumbprint band all the way around near base. Weights and measures w26oz, bottle 9hx4d, screw thread mouth 2-5/16id, Sheet Steel Funnel 6"oal, together 14-1/2"OAH. Sheet Steel ribbed funnel has depression in side near base with a small hole (used with finger to control flow) .  NOTE: 'Line' visible just above the embosed "ONE LIQUID QUART" is a 'wrinkle' in the hot glass from the Owens Bottle Making machine, not a flaw or crack; a better view is in the outdoor pic.  Has tiny indistinguishable possibly Anchor ICON basemk w/"CDN" , the numeral "6" and a bubble in the edge of the base.
Reference1999 SAPG600:INVENTION PATENTS; "844233" is between 839,799 and 875,678 assigned in  1907.

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