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#1452-Edison Cylinder Records - Amberols

Estate # 1452 : old Cylinder Records listed by number order
36 40 Thomas A. Edison Cylinder Records:  most are blue (some are purple & 2 are aqua or turquoise) with white plaster inside  casing and paper outside holders. Some of the cylinders have some of the white  inside casing plaster partly missing but all look able to be played. A few have cracked  plastic around the rim but not into the playing area. Some of the holders are in  poor condition. 3 or four of the holders have original bases listing the actual  song.  We have used the following abbreviations to let you know about the  cases:
TNB = top no bottom      NTB= no top  or bottom      BNT= bottom no top (Orig. Bottom)
RT= rounded top of record cylinder           FT = Flat Top           B=  blue         P=purple
The number at the end of the description is not a date, it is  the impression (s) nbr. See RESEARCH Notes Text File: CylinderRecordsInfo.txt
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Notes: Cal Stewart B: 1856 D: 12/7/1919 was a political  humorist often taking on "dialects' of southern characters as he was from  Virginia. We have these cylinders: 1714, 1806, 1852, 1866.
Nbr.      Case  Cyl.  Top & Color      Title;  Singers,  US Patent & nbr.
1516      NTB      FT  B      "Just Before the Battle Mother"; Oakland & Chorus, Pat'd.      /27
1532      NTB      RT  B      "Dixie Medley" (Banjo); Van Eps, Pat. / 080
             1533      BNT / $19.50      RT  B      "Tell Mother I'll Be There"; Wheeler & Mixed Quar, Pat'd.      / 57: Original Bottom
             1644      NTB / $16.50      RT  B      "Unlucky Mose"; Billy Golden & Joe Hughes, Pat'd. 1913 /  67
             1714      BNT / $18.75      RT  B      "Uncle Josh Keeps House"; Cal Stewart, Pat'd. / 86,      Original Holder Bottom
1715      NT *note      RT  B      "I Will sing of My Redeemer"; Edison-Mixed Quar Pat'd. /66      *Note: Part of bottom good
             1755      NTB      FT  B      "Lead Kindly Light"; Knickerbocker Quartette, Pat'd /14,      black coat on top of plaster inside is intact
1806      NTB / $18.75      RT  B      "Uncle Josh In A Paper Shop"; Cal Stewart, Pat'd. /48
             1852      NTB / $18.75      RT  B      "I Laughed At the Wrong Time"; Cal Stewart, Pat'd./ 75,      cut all the way to the bottom of the cylinder so no space is left!
1860      NTB      RT  B      "Darling Nellie Gray"; Metropolitan Quar, Pat'd. /96
             1866      NTB / $18.75      RT  B      "Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee"; Cal Stewart & Co., Pat'd./44
             1888      NTB      RT  B      "Marching Through Georgia"; F. Wheeler & Cho, Pat'd.      /60
             1907      NTB / $15.95      RT  B      "An Easy Job On The Farm"; Golden & Hughes, Pat'd. /52
             2006      NTB / $13.95      RT  B      "Comic Epitaphs", Golden & Hughes; Pat'd. /35, Overplayed.
             2025      NTB      RT  B      "Is My Name Written There?" ; Young & Wheeler, Pat'd.      /30
             2192      No Case      RT  B      "Aunt Mandy", Golden & Hughes, Pat'd. /60
             2351      NTB      RT  B      "Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me"; Rodeheaver & Chorus,      Pat'd. /25
             2370      No Case      RT  B      "Looking This Way"; Spencer & Patterson, Pat'd./ 24
             2400      No Case      RT  B      "Lorna"; Metropolitan Quartet, Pat'd. /2
             2448      NTB      RT  B      "Roll Them Cotton Bales"; Premium Quartet, Pat'd. /6, Very      Good Condition
2631      NTB      RT  B      "America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)"; Mixed Quar, Pat'd./      39
             2717      NTB      RT  B      "There's A Little White Church In The Valley"; I. Kaufman      & Cho., Pat'd. /3
             2773      NTB      RT  B      "Till the Boys Come Home"; F. Wheeler & Cho., Pat'd./ 61
             3001      NTB**      RT  B      "I Surrender All"; Metropolitan Quartet, Pat'd. /8,      Scratched near end, case almost gone.
             3160      NTB      RT  P      "Shall we Gather At the River"; Metropolitan Quar., Pat'd.      /46
             3183      No Case      RT  B      "Brighten The Corner Where You Are"; Apollo Quar, Pat'd.      /30
             3260      NTB      RT  B      "Where Do We Go From Here?"; A. Fields, Pat'd. /22
             3335      NTB / $17.95      RT  B      "Mammy Blossom's Possum Party"; Collins & Harlan, Pat'd.      /10, crack (Mammy) not in play area.
             3358      NTB**      RT  B      "Spirit of America - a Patriotic Patrol"; N. Y. Mil.      Band, Pat'd /13; Black ring on top of case.
             3373      NTB      RT  B      "I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers"; Betsy Shepherd, Pat'd. /9
             3380      No Case      RT **      "Wake Up, Virginia and Prepare for Your Wedding Day";      Quartet, Pat'd. /10; Dark Turquoise color.
             3546      NTB / $17.95      RT  B      "The Colored Recruit"; Golden & Heins, Pat'd. /18;      Scratched at end.
             3612      NTB      RT  P      "Good-Bye Alexander"; Ada Jones, Pat'd /9
             3617      NTB / $16.95      RT  P      "Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia"; Collins &      Harlan, Pat'd /  8
             3825      No Case      RT  P      "Saraphobia - Fox Trot"; Yerkes Saxophone Sextette, Pat'd.      10; Overplayed $7.50
             3876      BNT / $19.50      RT  B      "That Tumble-Down Shack In Athlon"; W. Oakland & Cho,      Pat'd. / 80; Orig bottom
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