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#1472D-Norfolf and Western Railroad Engine 600 build card

100tos#1472D:  Railroad Steam Engine Norfolk &  Western 600 Series "Class J" Photo Promotional Panorama Ad Card  - First in a new series of steam  passenger locomotives: 1941. B&W photo print on front - back has  information on this new aerodynamic steam locomotive. This "Railroadiana" is not a postcard.
This 9 1/2" x 4 " Glossy B&W Photo  print from  N&W Neg. #31434 shows the Norfolk & Western Railway Streamlined Passenger  Locomotive, Class J, Type 4-8-4; Road number 600, first built in Roanoke, VA in 1941.
This railway promotional card has a black & white photo  of the streamlined steam  locomotive and coal tender on the glossy side and all the information you would  ever want to know about this Class J 600 series on the back of the card such as:  Engine 61' 2 1/2" & Tender 47' 11 3/4" for a total Length of 109' 2 1/4" with a  weight - together- of 872,600 lbs; water capacity 20,000 gallons, coal capacity  35 tons and lots of other interesting information!
We recently saw a PBS show on the #611 being restored for  service: www.fireup611.org
611 |  Celebration of the Norfolk & Western Class J 611 steam locomotive, owned and  operated by the Virginia Museum of Transportation
The scanned real photo card below of the 600 Series is a combined picture of both sides  of the card.
Asking $75.00 free shipping First Class: 100tonsofstuff@gmail.com
Promo glossy photo advertising builders card of Norfolk & Western Series 600 steam engine.
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