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#1472D Norfolk & Western N&W 600 RR PROMO Card

circa 1941 4x9.5 Norfolk & Western N&W 600 RR Card
2015-2016 Documentary "FIRE UP THE 611" about Engine #611 of the N&W J-Series Streamlined 4-8-4 Steam Engines. ALA BQ#1472-Promo Card ca1940. Train was in Richmond 05-08-2017..
N&W Railway Class J 600 Series Locomotive Panorama Trading Card 1941. Photo Promotional Ad Card  - First in a new series of steam passenger locomotives: 1941. B&W photo print on front - back has information on this new aerodynamic steam locomotive. This "Railroadiana"is not a postcard. This 9 1/2" x 4 " Glossy B&W Photo print from N&W Neg. #31434 shows the Norfolk & Western Railway Streamlined Passenger Locomotive, Class J, Type 4-8-4; Road number 600, first built in Roanoke, VA in 1941.
This railway promotional card has a black & white photo of the streamlined steam locomotive and coal tender on the glossy side and all the information you would ever want to know about this Class J 600 series on the back of the card such as: Engine 61' 2 1/2" & Tender 47' 11 3/4" for a total Length of 109' 2 1/4" with a weight - together- of 872,600 lbs; water capacity 20,000 gallons, coal capacity 35 tons and lots of other interesting information!
The scanned card below is a combined picture of both sides of the card. Please click to enlarge photo.
Condition: this card was discovered inside of a book which kept it in very good condition except for a slight crease where it got a little crimped by the book near the front where the head of the train engine starts. There is a little "foxing" at both ends on the front and the back which is not that noticeable.
We would consider this item a specification card or an advertising card for this new run of streamlined passenger engines especially since this was the FIRST in this series. After visiting several train related sites, we could not find this exact image nor an image of the 600 as shown - we only found later versions of this engine (as in 610, 613 etc) which were built after 1941. Nor did we find any photo litho railroad cards like this with the details of the locomotive series (this is not a postcard).
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NOTE: This item also listed under PAPER - we do not have 2 of these.

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