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#1601-Circus Clown Doll 1950s

100tos#1601 Doll: Musical Clown for Child's Bedroom 1950's
IDEAL No.7621: MUSICAL CLOWN DOLL in Original Red & Yellow Decorated Circus-like Box with Hang Tag and Original Instructions circa 1950's. This Clown Doll has 2 Faces! Turn head to wind up music box and hear "Lullabye and Goodnight" song!
Orig. Instructions!
2 Faces - Old 1950's GIFT SHOP STOCK Head is Molded Painted Medium Soft Plastic (Magic Skin). Body is Soft Stuffed. Doll is 12 1/2" Tall and does not stand. Dressed in satiny colorful fabric with banner and hang tag. Musical Box inside plays with help so I know it can be fixed. Box is 15" tall and highly decorated to resemble a lions' cage car on wheels which the circus would pull thru town. Box top needs some repair where in goes into rest of carton (see photos).  Estate item #1601 Circus Clown Doll is in New Condition except for some repairs needed to make the Music box work without help. This was Old Store Stock from 1950 & never actually played with - was a Demo in the Store. We will carefully pack this item so neither the doll nor the original box will be damaged. You will be getting a very unique item! CONDITION GUARANTEED!
Price: $150.00 plus SHIPPING w/PayPal in USA

Item Name: Ideal Musical Stuffed 2 faced Clown Doll 1950's Orig. Store Stock
Item Number: 1601 Musical Clown Doll in Original Circus Clown cardboard Box
Price: $150.00 + $15.00 ship & Insurance USA
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