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#2259-J Bourne Pottery Master Ink Bottle Vitreous Stone

100tos#2259 POTTERY BROWN w glaze WRITING Acc BOTTLE Master Ink - BOTTLE Stoneware MasterInk "P&J ARNOLD,LONDON".w19oz Size= 7.25x3.125da _____. Wt=19oz_ #2259. "P & J Arnold London" clay BOTTLE, Squat heavy. Incised into stoneware before firing "VITREOUS STONE BOTTLES""J.BOURNE & SON""PATENTEES,""DENBY POTTERY""NEAR DERBY" "P. & J. ARNOLD,""LONDON". Base is unglazed. Pinched lip pour spout. Brown w/salt glaze. Used a rubber stopper. JB&S =""J.BOURNE & SON""PATENTEES,""DENBY POTTERY""NEAR DERBY" :BOURNE; "VITREOUS STONE BOTTLES" "J.BOURNE & SON" "PATENTEES," "DENBY POTTERY" "NEAR DERBY" "P. & J. ARNOLD,""LONDON". from about 1850.  J. Bourne & Sons LTD. "Bourne's Pottery,Denby, Derbyshire, England. Est. c1809.(to pres)  Mr.Jager c1809-1812. William Bourne 1812-1833.  Joseph Bourne  1833-1860. "& Son" was added to the style ie. J.Bourne & Son Patentees )from about 1850.  Note: there are 5 other "..Bourne(s)" in same book . The only potter 'Arnold' is Peter G. maker of studio-type pottery from 1958 to pres.
CONCLUSION: this Master Ink pottery bottle made after 1850 by J.Bourne at their Derby Pottery for P.J.Arnold's Ink products before Arnold bought more space on the side of the bottle for his own advertizing about c1867 and before making their own glass bottles in 1890. BQ#2259 is a much better example of J.Bourne's Pottery business than it is of Mr. Arnold's Ink business.

Price: $125.00 plus Shipping - this bottle is heavy at 19oz but secure packing would add at least another pound (20 or 21 ounces).
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