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    We do have paintings and other art objects. The only item we have on display and for sale at this time is a very large ASIAN War Horse created in blocks with black ink. After creation it was attached to a wood roll at the top and at the bottom with black string ties to secure it for carrying. This art piece was meant for hanging on the wall. And it is signed by the artist although we cannot dicipher the signature. We did ask an old asian family to help us and they said it was language not used anymore.
    If you are interested in this art object, we would love to sell it to you. We have not determined a price as yet, however we estimate value of at least $2500.00 because of the age, condition, scroll assembly bars and of course subject matter - war horse.
    Thank you for your interest.   or Form Mail: Contact US
We will consider your reasonable offer, let us hear from you.

ABOUT THIS ITEM:  Item # 1391: B & W Block Print of Warrior Horse - Asian
This Black & White large (48" x 60") block print on Linen will fill your wall. It is attached to a black wooden round pole and rolls up to meet the smaller black pole at the bottom with a string tie. It is signed in either Chinese or Japanese language - we cannot read it. If you can help us read this signature we would very much appreciate it!
The yellow color signature below in the gallery has been used to enhance the characters and hopefully make it easier to read. If you can read this signature, please let us know what it says.
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