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Glass Items

This Main Glass  Page will direct you to the Glass items we have for sale at this time.  This  estate has an amazing collection of glass items - my mother's kind of antique.  All of these items have been in storage since 1980 most of the items are between  50 to 150 years old (or older). We do our own research and price according to  pattern, color, age, rarity, & condition. We want you to receive your item  safely, so we generally do not ship glass items together. The exception is  cruets, the wines shown below & the small perfume bottles. Shipping is always  determined by weight, safe packing & your zipcode plus insurance. YOU MUST GET  SHIPPING QUOTE. SEND US YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS BY  EMAIL TO  FOR A CORRECT QUOTE TO YOU. THANK YOU, DAJ
       There are so many  varieties and patterns of antique glass which were blown into 2 piece or 3 piece  molds, hand blown like art glass in many colors and shapes, fitted with holders  or overlay of silver, used just to decorate or became part of dining table  service. Glass was also used in making bottles for dairy, medicine, apothecary  measures & bottles, whiskey & beer, soda, & later cosmetics & creams plus  perfumes. Glass composition used to contain lead ( leaded glass until about  1860) & can be determined by the slight grey color & heavier weight. Glass items  may or may not have a pontil mark on the bottom left by the glass blower, or  company makers mark and/or date or nothing at all on the bottom. Color or no  color (clear) also determines value but you must know which colors (and/or  shades) were originally offered by the maker. Many makers of pattern glass  sold their companies and their molds allowing the buyers to remake the old  patterns and put new names on them confusing everyone. The identity of a pattern  is best determined by a research book with hand drawn glass items so you can  visually figure out which glass pattern you may have. We have provided a  Reference Work page of books relevant to researching your glass items.

In the meantime here is a photo of some of the rest on the items - but not all :)
From 1980 stored Antique Shop glass items.
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