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First Day Covers Collection

PHILATELY: First Day Envelope Covers with Johnson & Johnson Letters Inside 1964 - 1965.
These 1st Day Cover Envelopes were sent to my father as a promotional tool from Johnson & Johnson products displayed for sale in Peoples Service Drug Store, South Main St., Harrisonburg, VA from 1964 to 1965.
Every one of these FDC's contains a letter from Robert    Wood Johnson, Div of Johnson & Johnson, Signed by Don Johnston, General    Manager & Hand Typed. FDC sent as Advertising advice to my father, mgr of Peoples (Service) Drug Store, Harrisonburg, VA

Each envelope has an illustration of an historic event in postal history. The letters explain the event and also try to get the reader to make sure a particular product is on display that month for sale. My father was the manager and pharmacist of People's Drug Store for many years. This store has long since been taken down to direct people to a store in the mall we know as CVS (was People's). You can look up these covers in your value book but the addition of the Johnson & Johnson Company letters inside add Advertising to the value.

One is special and was mailed from England to celebrate Joseph Lister, the inventer of Listerine. It contains a brochure of the Lister/Listerine Company - see scans.

All envelopes and contents are in excelent condition.
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