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This category contains: First Day Covers ie: Day of issue envelops specially printed on the envelopes with special issue stamps, illustration of honored holiday/person/event etc. And inside these envelopes is a letter from Johnson & Johnson Corp. addresses to my father asking him to promote a product in Peoples Service Drug Store, Harrisonburg, VA as the manager of that store.
In addition to FDCs are USPS postcards already stamped unused; Railroad postcards to confirm shipping to vendor.

Although my parents did not collect stamps as a hobby, that does not mean they did not Save stamps from all the years they spent before and after they married (about 1905 - 1980's). So we have stamps, sheets of stamps, postcards, stamped letters & various other items like the First Day Covers listed below. When I find it, you'll see it here! We are not yet offering old uncancelled stamps.

Definition of Philately = n. French & Greek = tax exemption - free from tax; akin to Gk telein to pay, or to bear; fr. the fact that a stamped letter frees the recipient from paying the mailing charges - more at Tolerate ; the collection and study of postage and imprinted stamps. So, we are paying a tax called postage in stamp form to send letters from one place to another - we - the writers of this letter, bill, postcard, etc. pay this tax so the Recipient of our message does not have to pay this tax to Receive our message. "And so it goes......"

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